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LIVE THREAT:  We have received information indicating Community Bank of Santa Maria’s phone number is being ‘spoofed’.

What does that mean?  It means the caller is using technology to deliberately falsify the number shown on your caller ID display. Scammers will then claim to work for the bank and ask you to verify any number of things, like transactions or information. 

DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION! Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever give someone the secure access code to your online banking account. We will never ask you to provide your login credentials or the secure access code provided for additional authentication.

Here’s what to know:

  • If the person starts asking for personal or account information, it's a scam.  No matter what. We will never call you to ask you for this information.
  • If you’re not sure, hang up.  Then contact the bank directly.

If you believe you have been the target of this scam or any other, please alert the bank immediately.

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