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Career Opportunities


The mission of Community Bank of Santa Maria is to support our communities, exceed all customer expectations, create employee commitment and job satisfaction, and maximize shareholder return.

Bank Culture

At the heart of Community Bank of Santa Maria you will find people who are community members first and bankers second. We nurture the idea of genuine care for individuals and community; and the concept of authentic interaction is the core of our culture. We are always looking for friendly, enthusiastic people who believe in these values as deeply as we do. We want to find those who will help us serve our customers and community in a way that truly makes a difference. Share a smile. Be your best self. Belong to a bank who cares.

Work Environment

We believe building an efficient team is more than just getting people to work well together. We strive to provide an environment that cultivates and encourages employees in their personal growth ambitions. And we want our employees to feel a sense of caring and awareness that reaches outside the bounds of normal work duties. Community Bank of Santa Maria has an environment where employees assist and support each other and demonstrate a level of care that extends beyond their daily interactions in the workplace.

Work-Life Balance

Our employees are passionate about work and about life. We are a community minded organization that encourages our staff to be active within the communities we serve. To help ensure our employees have opportunity to enjoy their time away from work we offer a competitive benefits package that includes paid vacation time, paid holidays, and provides flexibility when needed. Our employees work hard, but they are rewarded and recognized for it.

Community Bank of Santa Maria: Where employees are proud to belong!

Community Bank of Santa Maria is an Equal Opportunity Employer

“What is unique about working at CBSM is the amazing team attitude. Everyone wants to see each other succeed. There is even a direct line of communication to the bank's President/CEO.”

Marisol Cruz
CBSM Family Member
Since 2014

         Best Places to Work

What I like best about my co-workers is that there are no 'attitudes' at CBSM. I have yet to see anyone who thinks they're above any task.”

Lisa Canale
CBSM Family Member
Since 2017

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